Everyone knows that multi-tasking is a productivity-killer right? NOT TRUE!

Well, not 100% true. I absolutely agree that when you pull away from distractions and give a task all of your brainpower – you will end up with a better result in less time.


I have a little productivity hack that I call SELECTIVE MULTI-TASKING.

My process is simple, I bundle tasks that do NOT compete for my brain’s attention and that complement one another.

For example: my goals for this week.

  1. Finish branding project
  2. Work on blog post
  3. Exercise 3x this week
  4. Visit with Grandbaby Lucy
  5. Spend time with Granddaughter Brooklyn
  6. Eat a healthy lunch
  7. Design web site
  8. Finish Module 2 of my training course
  9. Do something creative
  10. Get together with my BFF

How will I find the time I need to accomplish all of the things I want to, and need to do, this week and do them well?

When I review this list, I know that some tasks will require that I am seated at my computer, with do-not-disturb turned on. FULL FOCUS.

Selective multi-tasking will help meet other goals in a satisfying way.


  • SELECTIVE MULTI-TASKING: Go for a walk with my daughter and Grandbaby Lucy
    (Goals met: Exercise 30 minutes + Visit with Grandbaby Lucy)
  • FULL FOCUS: Finish branding project


  • FULL FOCUS: Write blog post
  • SELECTIVE MULTI-TASKING: Lunch with my friend at Vinaigrette Salad Restaurant (Goals met: time with my friend + Eat healthy lunch)


  • Morning Walk
  • FULL FOCUS: Design web site
  • SELECTIVE MULTI-TASKING: Take Brooklyn to Kiln-it art center
    (Goals met: Time with Brooklyn + Do something creative)


  • SELECTIVE MULTI-TASKING: 1 hour on the elliptical while finishing training course on headphones
    (Goals met: Exercise 30 minutes + Finish module 2)

WHOOP! Everything is done and it’s only Thursday!

Think about how you can incorporate Selective Multi-tasking into your week. What tasks complement one another? What tasks will be more enjoyable if shared with a friend or loved one? Let me know what you come up with and how Selective Multi-tasking helps you slay your list this week.