What does your perfect week look like?

When I asked five women that question this week the response I heard universally was “I never thought about it.”

In most cases, your work week, daily schedule, etc. is dictated by others. The kids need to be at school and sports practice at a particular time. You need to be at your desk, at the next meeting, at drop-off and pick-up at a specific time. To top it off, much of your time is spent waiting in traffic and waiting in line.

What if you were suddenly in charge of your schedule?

Many of us across the country have been asked to self-quarantine for a number of weeks due to the Novel Corona Virus. Could this be your opportunity to field test the idea that has been in your head? Could you have ownership and control over your schedule? Could you run a home-based business? 

As a home-based entrepreneur, I have an unusual amount of control over my schedule. At first, I didn’t realize this superpower was within my grasp. When I started my business I modeled my days after the format from my corporate life. I started work at 8 am. I ended somewhere between 5 and 6 pm, I ate my lunch at my desk, and I ran my errands on the weekend.

10 years later I am a much wiser, and much more efficient woman! I have learned to schedule my time to make the most of what I have.

Meeting Days

I have one-to-two days on my calendar that I make available for meetings. To be efficient with both my time and that of my clients, I use Zoom to have virtual meetings. This allows me to be “face-to-face” with a person without the commuting cost. It also allows me to have a client base across the entire country. There are both free and paid options for Zoom depending on how many people and the duration of your meeting.

Zoom also allows you to record your screen, so when I am having a training meeting, my clients can have that resource to refer back to. WIN!

Resource: Zoom

When I do need to go to a client, I stack my out-of-office meetings to accomplish several at a time. Leaving the office and returning to work is so inefficient. The out-of-office day is also the perfect opportunity to meet up with a friend for lunch!

Project Days

I block my calendar with two days dedicated solely to project work. I block large amounts of time to fully focus on a specific milestone. In a typical corporate day, work is usually sliced into 1/2 hour or 1 hour segments. Starting and stopping each day means you have to reorient yourself when you pick up that task again the next day. My preference is to block 2-4 hours for a project so I can stay in the flow. The project typically is completed in less time with better results.

Errands + Chores

When I need to go out of office for meetings, I attend to other errands like banking, post office, grocery pick up while I am already out and about. Typically, I manage to be attending to these items while everyone else is at work. It is very rare that I am spending my time in traffic or in line. In and out in a breeze! A quick coffee break is the perfect time to also fold that load of laundry and start the Roomba.

Hours Saved

What do I do with the hours I save? Those, my dear friend, are for me.

Yes, you heard me correctly ME TIME.

My ideal week

Each day I get up when I’m not tired anymore. I don’t set the alarm, I let my body wake naturally. I begin my day visiting with my husband over coffee. I do minor chores like make the bed and toss in a load of laundry. Then, I am ready to begin my work. Mondays and Tuesdays are focused project days. Wednesday morning I attend to business administration. Wednesday afternoon I pick up my granddaughter from school and we do fun things together. Thursdays are meeting days and Fridays I flex depending upon the needs of my week. Each afternoon I meet my daughters and walk for a few miles while visiting. I end the day with a nice dinner with my husband or go out to meet friends.

This is not just my ideal week. This is my typical week.

What is YOUR ideal week?

If you are working remotely this week, this is your opportunity to make deliberate decisions about how you use your time and when you are available to others. Experiment with ways you can be efficient and more present in your week. This time of self-quarantine may be the perfect field test for your future life as a CEO of your business.

I love the lifestyle I am able to have as an entrepreneur, and I love to share what I have learned with YOU. Are you ready to craft your perfect week? Download my FREE worksheet!


Ideal Week Worksheet.

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